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Our Expertise:

* Preparing patent search & related legal services

* Agency Services in relation to medicine, electronics, mechanics, chemical industry, food, polymers, IT, communications and other areas of patent applications

 *Foreign patent applications including applications filed by domestic individuals, companies and other organizations to foreign countries and applications filed under Patent Cooperation Treaty(PCT) to foreign countries

* Patent reexamination and invalidation services on behalf of our domestic clients before the Patent Reexamination Board

*Pursuing judicial review of administrative decisions in court on behalf of plaintiff or third party

*Preparing patent applications & Providing patent transfers and patent licensing

*Advising on patent infringement & patent ownership dispute (legal consultations, strategies for patent infringement, evidence collection and investigation, application for patent administrative mediation, action for infringement of a patent etc.)

*Advising on strategies for patent protection through customs

*Guidance and strategy plan on patent protections of companies and government