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Congratulations to Partner Professor Wen Xu listed as an IP expert in the State Intellectual Property Office's Expert Database( the only one from patent agencies in southern China elected as an IP expert)
2012-2-17 0:00:00


On December 31, 2011, the State Intellectual Property Office announced the list of the State Intellectual Property Pool of selected experts. Prof. Wen Xu was selected as an IP expert in the first national IPR expert database. He is the only expert from the southern China patent agencies elected in the database.


The experts listed in the National Intellectual Property Experts Database will play a major role in the development of the State Intellectual Property, assessment and intelligence services and to solve the issues in national IP focused planning, regional and industry strategies, key programs and projects. 203 people were selected in the expert database, mainly from the national or local intellectual property offices, universities, research institutes and enterprises. Professor Wen Xu is the only personnel selected from the patent agency companies.


The Scihead Co. has been ranked first in the southern China intellectual property agencies for years. Many experts and professors are the intellectual property industry leaders in southern China and have received the State Council special allowance. Our intellectual property team led by Prof. Wen Xu who makes an effort will provide a strong support for Scihead to be the most professional intellectual property agency in Southern part of China and in China.