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Our Partner Guanghua Wang Was Invited to Give a Lecture – “Practices on Civil Cases Agency of Trademark Infringement”
2012-3-12 0:00:00


On the afternoon of March 3rd,  being invited by Guangdong Lawyers’ Association, our partner lawyer Guanghua Wang was filmed in Guangdong Television Station for “Guangdong Continuing Education Classroom 2012”. He gave a lecture named “Practices on Civil Cases Agency of Trademark Infringement”. Starting from a real case, he drew forth a basic thought required to analyse a trademark case in acting trademark cases. He also put forward matters which need to be paid highly attention in acting for plaintiff and defendant respectively.


This activity provides a higher class platform for extensive lawyers in learning and communication. Lawyer Guanghua Wang, as one of the most experienced IP lawyers in Guangdong province, was invited many times to give lawyers trainings concerning trademark matters. Precise and practical as usual, Wang’s lecture in this activity will offer benefits for lawyers to draw on when handling trademark infringement cases.